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About Us

Our story

Our story started back in 2007 when our founder Nikita Perezilo, a jewellery enthusiast at the time, realised from experience the two prevailing principles in the jewellery market: good quality means expensive and vice-versa. His vision was to change this perception and conjoin the best features when purchasing jewellery: quality and value can go hand-in-hand in the jewellery market too.

A decade after the beginnings, Amberta was founded in 2017 in the beautiful city of Edinburgh and continued its mission relentlessly: proving the above said commonplace wrong. Today we have a small but ambitious team striving to shine a light on that fine jewellery can be purchased with great quality, stylish packaging without the need to spend a small fortune. 

Our values

– The future belongs to the curious. 

Changing perceptions takes curiosity and we are naturally curious people at Amberta. We recognise the importance of asking questions and challenging concepts.  

– Progression starts today. 

We believe that personal growth and self-development is embracing that challenges are meant to be overcome and every opportunity, even a negative one, poses a chance to grow and develop every day.

Diversity – A diverse mix of voices leads to success.

At Amberta, we understand that the only way to cope with trends, ever-changing customer tastes changing concepts and even difficult times is by including different perspectives to be better equipped.  

– We own everything we do. 

We value honesty and openness. We know sometimes things can go sideways, but the only way to be successful in the long-run is by being transparent, respectful and owning everything we do.

– We work and celebrate together.

We are fun-loving people who want to build a strong community by working hard and celebrating our successes.  

Why us

Quality and style at affordable prices

We were founded with the belief that love for classic designs and craftmanship shouldn’t cost a fortune. As innovators with curious mindsets, we strive to shine a light on the finest designs at moderate prices. 


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