About us

Amberta is a UK based jewellery brand celebrating classic design and craftmanship. From 925 sterling silver and gold to amber gemstones, our fine jewellery is designed at the heart of combining luxury with an accessible price. 

Housed in one of the cultural capitals of the world. We have cultivated a loyal following throughout the UK and Europe, and now can be found throughout the world.



We are committed to an active and progressive approach in everything we set out to do.
We look ahead and move towards our goals and objectives, with confidence and belief.


We are committed to creating jewellery that is beyond beautiful and timeless. We work closely with our production partners around the world committed to respect for human rights, health and safety, as well as exceptional craftsmanship.


We strive to provide a better way to acquire fashionable jewellery and making it a convenient and pleasant experience for our clients. We care about our customer and constantly improve our service to meet their needs.


Here at Amberta, we are passionate, dedicated, hard-working and fun-loving group of people. All team members are Amberta ambassadors, who live and breathe our work culture commitments. 

 Amberta provides exceptional opportunities to grow within our brand. We provide training programs that are designed to equip our employees with knowledge and skills to become a better professional and keeps them up to date on trends that are pertinent to their job. 

If you are passionate about jewellery and thrive in a fast-paced environment, we would love to hear from you.  


We are committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion. Our employees are the most valuable asset we have. The collective sum of the individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, inventiveness, innovation, self-expression, unique capabilities and talent that our employees invest in their work represents a significant part of not only our culture, but our reputation and company’s achievement as well.