Is it Fall or Autumn?

New Season is Here

   We are halfway through September and Autumn is knocking on our doors. It's always sad to see Summer leaving but, we are excited about the next chapter. Recently we have updated our website - we know! There is still a lot of work to do - at the same time, it's time to tap ourselves on the back. Summer brought so many changes, not only new work and new products but also new team members! Spring is supposed to be the time when everything blooms and grows, well call us late bloomers but those are usually the prettiest - don't you agree? 

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ― Albert Camus

Interchangeable Words

   To answer the actual question, there is no such difference between fall and autumn. Both are accepted and widely used terms for describing the season between summer and winter. Nowadays, they are just common knowledge that has been used for centuries now. However, "fall" origin is supposed to be older and came to use as a speaking term when marking the season, "fall of the year" or "fall of the leaves". On the other side, autumn made its way to the vocabulary later on and made fall an old fashioned word. But - we can sense the changing of that too - we began using fall more and more frequently. It gained more reputation worldwide as an informal term whether presumed old fashioned. 

Fall in Love with Autumn

   It's time to Fall in Love with the next chapter. Fall is here and so is our Autumn Jewellery Collection. Transit from season to season with the simple classics mixed with new trends. We wanted to show you a little bit more about the work we do and what to expect shortly. 

Amberta Autumn Tree of Life Bracelet

See this bracelet, Silver Tree of Life

   The main futures of this year's collection are our timeless classics, such as hoops and must have chains, accompanying with nature-inspired colours and shapes. As we all know the environment around us is changing within seconds and it is not easy to stay on top of everything. Guess what - that's completely fine! We stand for sustainability and we believe cherishing your jewellery should be the key. 

Amberta Jewellery, Autumn Amber Studs

See our products: Silver Yellow Amber Studs, Silver White Amber Studs. Search out for more Amber products, Silver Multicolour Amber Studs, maybe this one? 

   We picked few products and here is how we wear them! Remember, there are no rules in style, no guidelines, simply choose what works with you and makes you feel good. 

   We encourage you to build up your Mix & Match look as this is what is on fire this year! Browse between different shapes, lengths and styles of chains and personalise them with a pendant of your choice.

Amberta Jewellery, Mix and Match Gold Plated 

Amberta Jewellery

See our favourites: Gold Plated Silver Huggie Hoop Earrings, Gold Plated Silver Tree Pendant, Gold Plated Silver Byzantine Necklace, Gold Plated Silver Belcher Necklace, Gold Plated Silver Snake Necklace, Silver Necklace with Interlocked Circles. Look up our collections for more variations and styles.  

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” ― Jim Bishop

   Special mention goes to amber products this season, call us old fashioned - but there is nothing better than wearing actual nature! 

Amberta Jewellery, Amber Earring Studs

See more from amber here

   We would love to see your comments and questions. Until then, stay tuned as we will be launching more new products soon. We can't spoil all the fun about what to expect, but maybe it's written in the stars! 

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